Remember2019 is an effort to make space for the congregation of the Black communities and Black cultural workers of Phillips County, AR. Our work is to support and facilitate local practices of self-determination, memory, and reflection, that are directly related to the mass lynching of 1919, the lasting effects of racial terror, and the current and future health of these communities.

Our current partnering organizations include:


The Elaine Legacy Center for Research, Preservation, and Tourism

313 College Ave, Elaine, AR. 72333


The Elaine Legacy Center is one of four centers under the umbrella of Waves of Prayer Ministries, which aims to remember the past and claim a new future for Elainians to create together: a future in which no children are hungry and each family can afford to meet the needs of the entire family.


Delta Cultural Center

141 Cherry St, Helena, AR 72342

(870) 338-4350

The Delta Cultural Center is a museum and educational complex that tells the story of a land and it’s people, capturing what makes the Arkansas Delta region unique. It is the mission of the Delta Cultural Center to preserve, interpret and present the cultural heritage of this legendary 27-county area.